one time in China...

one time I saw a man kick a kitten into the street to get hit by a car. 

one time I bribed a police officer with 300RMB to let me onto a train after the gates had closed. 

one time I saw a man take a wriggly fish that he had just bought from a plastic tub full of water in an open air fish market and slam it's against the concrete to stop it from wriggling so much. 

one time a delivery guy tried to follow me into my apartment and partially touched my boob before I shoved him against the stairwell wall. 

one time I saw a huge turtle, hanging from a stick that was being sold on the street corner for meat, by a man who looked like he had walked there from the Song Dynasty. 

one time some taxi driver mob boss character tried to get me to hire him to take me home from the train station, and when I pretended not to understand him he said "I'll spank you foreign girl," in Chinese.