Hot tub hike proposal

Ok, so we get a piece of land where the views are just spectacular and is only accessible by helicopter or like off the grid survivalist hikers who can live off the land and stuff. And we hire a hot tub company to install above the ground hot tubs at the end of every days trek AND figure out a way to maintain them. So there's like 7 hot tubs, and you have to airlifted into the trailhead by a helicopter to start and then you walk for one day and at the end of your day there's a fully functioning 120 degree hot tub waiting for you. And you camp there for like a night and then move on to the next phase of the trail which is one days walk away. Uncover the next hot tub and camp there for another night and move on. Repeat for one week. Boom, spiritual enlightenment. 

There are all kinds of issues. I know, but imagine the soul searching one could accomplish after a solo nature hike and hot tub soak (x7) would be absolutely worth it. It's remote, nature people aren't assholes, the stars omg the stars you guys. Come on. We could have rangers on call, and some way to maintenance the hot tubs. No glamping frills, just an above the ground hot tub with a cover and a view. 

Someone throw some money at this.