if i'm going to work for a crazy bitch, it might as well be me.

july 2 - 10:45pm


i liked doing the military time. 


if i’m going to work for a crazy bitch, it might as well be me. 


Alora the psychic said that I needed to write. Before I do my laundry, before anything else. Immediately. She also said that Severus Snape (he doesn’t look like Alan Rickman) is one of the forms my spirit guides take. How cute, he and Albus Dumbledore, and the rest of the angels are waiting on me. Thanks you guys. She said I can play with the rest of the vampires, they’re cool with it. I don’t get left behind. i used to climb three flights of concrete stairs just to get to my bed everyday. i used to load my bike up with all kinds of garbage from Century Mart and then physically pedal my way home. I can’t believe Debbie lived there for so long dude. That place really brings the crazy out of you, but her crazy and mine too, is tolerating a bad situation for way too long. Putting up with too much bullshit. Too much poison for one life. i was happy with the amount of coffee i was drinking though. coffee and pastries and muslim noodles, i would like to see Debbie again. Maybe i’ll write her an email, and tell her about the art show. OCC Jim said “good for you, really going for it.” like there’s another option. They have no idea how painful not doing the thing was. When I’m doing not the thing, the voices are berating me. berating me in my own head. fucking ew. but when i’m doing the things, they stop. its not the same as the angels, the angels don’t interfere. If i don’t do the work, they get louder and louder and louder. but when i’m doing the work they go away and i can hear what i need to hear from the angels. it’s like they can’t even be bothered to raise their voices over the devils. they go get a drink while i manage my demons. 


there. is that brilliant? 


lets go around the world together. lets fuck in every country. lets get into some bodies of water. we’re running out of time, something delicious and magical is being wasted. i just know it. 


ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh 


hung man - you’re being hung here whether you like it or not. You’re being held here, you might as well shift your perspective. You’re going to be miserable and uncomfortable either way. You might as well get something useful out of it, like something no one has ever seen before. something you have to be tortured to see. 


something you have to be tortured to see. something you have to be tortured to see. 


i know. don’t ask me to not know the things that i know. 


photographers explain life. 

    explain one of the following terms: 

    who is your favorite photographer?

    what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a photo?

    where’s the best place photography has ever brought you?

    what’s wrong with the world today?

    a huge knowledge base is in danger of disappearing. photographers are the most interesting people, its like an OCD nerd and a spacey difficult demanding landscape painter had a lovechild. we’re survivalists and also haunted by dust. we’re not even participating in this world, we’re just straight up looking for good compositions, good light, good selfies all the damn time. I don’t really care what you guys are doing, I care what it looks like. I’m nonstop flattening scenes into 2D and then rearranging the objects until they’re optically superior. No wonder I am so intolerable.