feminist rant from 2016

Nobody thinks men and women are equal in ability. There are things men can do and things women can do as a result of the different equipment sets they’re handed at birth. What the feminist movement seeks is equality in VALUE. We seek to ensure that women and men are equally free from oppression. If men are 100% free from oppression and women are 95% free from oppression then even though both genders and a percentage free from oppression, they are still not equally free. What the fuck is so hard to understand about that? If women are being paid less over the course of their lifetime, then that’s all the evidence I need to know that the problem is men. I don’t need to know anything else. If women are making different choices in their lives because of their being women, then the problem is still gendered. Putting a personal decision in between two competing identities does not do anything to your argument. There is a way to be both a woman and a human who is paid absolutely top dollar for her skills and experience that is down to the cent equal to another human who is not a woman. There may not be a way to do that within our current system, but there is a way to do it. Get some nerds to figure out how, and then just do that. We don’t need to cling to a dinosaur work culture when the next big thing is MAMMALS, baby MAMMALS. And the craziest thing is, men would totally benefit from equality in the work force. They are stressed out and testosteroned up, why don’t you guys take a fucking break. Maybe 4 million dollars is okay. Maybe let a woman have 1 million of your dollars and see what happens to the world. It just might get better. And then we won’t have to start cutting dicks off.