I've always wanted to write a book.

I think it will have to be fiction, but based on real life events, or at least my memory of real life events, because I don't want to have to get anyone's permission. Do I need to get anyone's permission to share my own story? I think what I'll do is just change names. Change names and take it out of chronological order. That's fair I feel like. I'm sure if it's not, someone will let me know. I get a warning, right? So it's kind of a memoir, but memoirs are non-fiction. Is there a creative memoir genre? Narrative non-fiction maybe? I mean this definitely happened, but I'd also like to share what I think it means. Or maybe in certain cases why I think it happened. That part is pure conjecture with the exception of a few things I know for absolute certain. And I will be diligent in pointing them out when the time comes. I like "narrative non-fiction", let's go with that. 

For awhile I thought I wanted to call it "A Life That's Beneath You" based on something someone said to me once. But it's too whiney, even for me. So now I think I'm going to call it: High, Hot and Wet.