The opportunity to suffer for your passion. This pain is a privilege.

It's an honor and I am grateful. 

If I had pursued photography HARD after college instead of getting married and subsequently my ass kicked by life, I would not have had anything to say or any empathy for anyone else or any kind of real world view.

I NEEDED to get my ass kicked in order to do this now. I would have ended up in a well paying corporate office with AC and "mandatory vacation time" probably in the arts which still would not have been good enough for me.

I met this dumb sweet pretty girl who graduated from USC with a degree in Art History and minor in Finance and she thought that the plastic kitch succulents that had been shipped from Amazon for decor were REAL LIVING PLANTS. In that moment, I had the nicest revelation:  "wow, good for you dude. You landed a 'good' job right out of college, and you're basically an event planner. But at least its in the arts." 

That could have so easily been me. I could so easily have been in insurance sales and done coke in the bathroom and then gone home to a beige track home with some kids in it and had spaghetti for dinner. 

This life sucks, it completely sucks and I could not have fallen in love with a stupider industry but there is literally NO ONE in the world I'd rather be than ME living in MY LIFE figuring this shit out one day at a time.

But my NEXT life is going to be so good. I'm going to work at Starbucks with my friends in the Caribbean and we're going to go see our BF's play in their hotel cover band and tear up the dance floor every weekend. And we're going to be surrounded by fat little curly haired dark delicious babies and plants on balconies and asses that don't quit. 

Your current face is the face of the person you LOVED THE MOST from your past life. 

So my mom's going to look like me next lifetime, that lucky bitch ;)