Rummage 2008

This series is an exploration of the eclectic subjects that loiter in suburban garages. Either out of nostalgia or designs for future use, we choose to hold on to these objects, housing them just outside the sphere of everyday use. The suburban garage of Southern California is a space unique to a time and place where automobiles and casual material excesses are a way of life.

Although they are essentially forgotten, these items take on new life in photographs and are reanimated through the lens. Simply by placing them together in the same frame we are able to project narratives, relationships and dialogues onto the lifeless and inanimate. Probing through these items is not only a voyeuristic peek into the cast-offs of others, but playful moments of the absurd, peculiar and surreal. Garages are commonly filled with a melting pot of objects, many of which begin to take on new functions as they are all integrated into the same sphere.